New Network Case Study
Forbes Best in State Financial Center – New Regional Hub
Our client was one of the 60 largest banking institutions in the US. They are known for their high-ranking customer service and loyal customers, achieving this through highly personalized experiences. Their goal was to grow a strong loyal customer base while establishing a state-of-the-art technology center that defied the expectations for the user-connected experience for both customers and building tenants.
The Problem
This client’s primary focus was creating an exceptional customer experience, so they needed a future-ready building that would enable a high-touch, always connected experience, along with a digital platform to support that level of engagement. The building was planned to be a primary regional hub which meant an increase in client services rendered.
An absolute must for them included high bandwidth to the edge and traffic segmentation to ensure compliance requirements while protecting assets.
The Challenges
  • They knew that network reliability, security, and scalability for the future were fundamental requirements

  • The complexity of the property would not allow the disruptive nature of replacing network equipment every couple of years

  • An advanced technology solution was required, that involved minimal technical resources and was easy to implement and easy to maintain

  • Security was of greatest concern due to the Class AA building that housed multiple large business tenants
The Solution
BeyondEdge developed a comprehensive high-density network architecture to support a highly mobile work force enabling uninterrupted access to the bank’s private network anywhere in the building. The design also addressed diverse, high-bandwidth requirements for a 25-story, Class AA building with always-available, multi-access LAN supporting multiple device types, bandwidth-intensive applications, and mission-critical systems.

The Outcome

Partnering with BeyondEdge, the bank gained its first digital-forward property to demonstrate the value of a fully automated and highly flexible in-building network. The single, simplified network platform provided many benefits and met customer objectives, including:

  • A high-bandwidth, mobile-first, edge compute solution to support all systems, applications, and media, now and in the future

  • Ability to add new services and applications in hours vs. days or weeks

  • Always-connected devices and systems

  • Multi-tenant network management and traffic segmentation, providing increased security

  • Significant reductions in cost, space, power consumption, along with on-going saving in operations
Value Delivered in Cost Reductions and Operations
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